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General Practice

We provide a comprehensive range of services that will ensure that you and your family are given the best possible advice and health care. Our experienced team of Doctors and Nurses are well educated and remain up to date on the latest insights in medical practice and study, and can assure you of the best possible care at your consultation.

Full Service Medical Centre

We pride ourselves on offering a wide range of services including: Family medicine, Women’s Health Check, Men’s Health Check, Children’s health checks, Emergency Care, Chronic disease management and care plans, Mental health, Antenatal management with GP shared care, Onsite Pathology Centre for your convenience, Specialist referrals, Workers Compensation medical management, Corporate health checks, Travel advice, Vaccinations, Fitness to work assessments / pre-employment & occupational health checks, Fitness to drive assessments, Minor surgical procedures – suturing of lacerations, removal of cysts, Asthma management, Diabetes risk assessment and medical.


Immunisation or Vaccination is an important public health measure which prevents many diseases from causing significant sickness in individuals. Prior to widespread availability of immunisations many preventable diseases such as Measles could result in serious infections and death or disability.

If you have any concerns about vaccinations we encourage you to discuss these with our friendly doctors who are happy to explain in detail the benefits and risks of immunisations. Fortunately, as the vaccines have evolved they are now safer than ever with minimal side effects and Australia has a comprehensive vaccination program which is free to Medicare Card holders and all Government funded vaccination are supplied free of charge at our clinic.

Even if you are not eligible for the Government funded vaccinations in certain circumstances it is still recommended to get immunised while you are travelling, there is a newborn in the family and/or you are working in the health profession. Our immunisation service complies with Australian standards, and is fully accredited for the storage of immunisations and vaccination.

We run a yearly flu clinic, since the Influenza virus changes every year our doctors highly recommend annual flu shot for all of our patients.

Health Assessments

Annual health check-ups are a great way to take stock of your health and identify factors which may be putting you at a higher risk.
Government funds the annual health assessment for the age group of 75 years and over.

For the younger age group, we offer health checks that include the following:

  • BMI – height and weight
  • Waist measure
  • ECG
  • Blood Pressure
  • Basic Blood Test

Depending on your medical history, family history and pre-existing condition the doctor might add few more things to the above standard list.

Chronic Disease Management

Minor Surgical Procedures

With a dedicated procedure room, our doctors can provide a range of procedures in a safe, sterile environment ranging from wedge-resection to skin excisions.


Emergencies take priority at our medical centre, for acute needs that you may have otherwise resulted in an Emergency Department visit, we offer a walk-in service during hours to utilize our purpose built treatment room. Some examples of this may included lacerations requiring suturing, undisplaced fractures requiring plastering, abdominal pain or early pregnancy bleeding just to mention a few.

We Always Care About Your Health